Small Business Coaching

Why Work With A Business Coach?

  1. You Need a Second Opinion (someone to talk to) – Your coach can be your confidant, sounding board and mentor…someone who isn’t so close to the business (but knows all the issues). They can be there for you, to offer feedback, encouragement and support.
  2. Clarify Your Goals – What do you want to accomplish with your business? Your coach will help you define your goals, develop plans and implement programs to get there.
  3. Rekindle Your Passion – Do you still love what you do? Or, do you sometimes feel bored or even sick of your business? Your coach can guide you to rediscovering and reigniting your “first love” for your business, the passion and vision that led you to start it in the first place.
  4. Identify Market Opportunities – Your coach will help you identify new products or services for existing markets and new markets for existing products or services.
  5. S & W Analysis – Your coach will work with you to identify and document current strengths and weaknesses in your business, and then develop strategies and programs to leverage your strengths more effectively and manage your weaknesses.
  6. Employee Training & Team Building – Your coach will work with you and your employees to enhance their skills and build a more cohesive team, generating increased employee satisfaction and retention.
  7. Process Improvements – Your coach will work with you to systematize your business, so that the proper processes, procedures, policies and systems are established to support sales increases and enable the business to operate more efficiently and effectively without dependence on you.
  8. Customer Service – Your coach will help you train your employees to provide superior customer satisfaction, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction and retention.
  9. Hiring Practices – Your coach will work with you to develop, document, and implement a hiring process to enable your business to attract, select and retain “star” employees.
  10. Business Plan – If needed, your coach can assist you in developing a formal business plan to present to lending institutions for financing or additional lines of credit.
  11. Exit Strategy – Do you have an exit strategy for your business? Your coach will assist you in creating a plan, consistent with your goals, that “spells out” what you will do with your business when you are ready to leave it or retire.
The Process

I help business owners to get unstuck and take their businesses to the next level.

Through the Business Excellence Starts Today (BEST) coaching program I assist business owners and leader to:

  • Reveal/Uncover their Purpose (Vision) – I help them to get clarity on what they want to accomplish and what they want their business to become.
  • Evaluate their Performance – I work with owners and leaders to take a candid, in depth look at the current status of the business. This includes discerning their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as their “blind spots”.
  • Design a Plan – I assist them in creating an intentional and wise roadmap for successfully achieving their desired business goals with specific, measurable and achievable milestones along the way.
  • Implement the Plan – I walk alongside as they take action, encouraging and supporting them and holding them accountable as they move towards accomplishing the goals they have established.
  • Measure Productivity – I help owners and leaders to set up a “scorecard” for their business, identifying and incorporating clear, meaningful and achievable numbers that are critical to their success. I also equip them to determine who is accountable for achieving the numbers.
Individual Coaching or Team Coaching?
Individual Coaching

This is where the rubber meets the road. Making positive changes in your business takes time and now that you’ve made a commitment to begin making improvements in your business, you will begin meeting with me. Each coaching session lasts 45 to 60 minutes and will have a powerful effect on the actions that you begin taking and the momentum that will begin building. Coaching includes face-to-face, Skype, or telephone coaching sessions.

Why choose individual coaching? Here is why:

  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Gain more confidence in your role in your business.
  • Play to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries between your work and personal life.
  • Communicate more clearly and persuasively.

To start your coaching either call me directly at 503.799.4326 or click on the Get Started Today! button.

Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on specific types of groups. For example, a group may be started to:

  • Help practitioners and sales professionals market their businesses more effectively and begin building their client base.
  • Provide owners, CEO’s or CFO’s of businesses with a “mastermind” group where they can share ideas, collaborate, and help each other to overcome challenges in their businesses.
  • Help an organization’s management team, key leaders or staff members work more cohesively together, providing a place for developing effectiveness and collaboration.

I facilitate to keep the group engaged and moving forward, and the group members collaborate, share ideas, motivate and encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.

This coaching service includes face-to-face, Skype or telephone group coaching sessions and periodic check-in calls for all members of the small group.

To start a group either call me directly at 503.799.4326 or click on the Get Started Today! button.