Do you feel stuck in your business?
You don’t have to do it ALONE!

I can help you and your business in many ways:

Increase Customers and Sales – I will help you to create and implement programs to increase sales with existing customers and to attract new customers.
Improve Profitability & Cash Flow – Working with me will equip you to establish and implement programs that increase profits and improve cash flow.
Time Management – I’ll work with you to improve your time management skills, so that you can have more time to work on the business and accomplish more with the time you have available.
Are you burned out, frustrated, dissatisfied,

or feeling stuck in your job?

I’m Eric Howard and I help professionals like you put passion back into their career and life.

I work with professionals who are suffering from burn out and lack enthusiasm for their job. I employ proven methods to help you put the passion back in your career or to discover a career path that ignites your passion.

We work together to insure that you are aligned with the profession that is the ideal fit for you.